Mah Jong Madness Slots

Have you ever wondered what Mahjong would be like reborn as a slot game? Well, wonder no more, as Mah Jong Madness slots created by Vegas Technologies is really a tribute to the original and strategic game which incredibly dates way back to around 500 BC. The game follows the teachings of the famous philosopher Confucius. Mah Jong Madness features 5-reels along with twenty-one great pay lines. Just as the original game of Mah Jong, the Mah Jong Madness slot game features seven different tile combinations. Each of the 5-reels spins to magically reveal one of these seven tiles which may or may not occur in winning combinations. The tiles used in the game design are almost identical to the ones seen in the mahjong video games prevalent today. These tiles are not the same ones as those used in the original game of Mah Jong. The game layout has 9 pay lines along with the 5-reels, so betting maximum limits costs less than a similar slot with 25 pay lines, and that means you have a much better chance of hitting the top payout prizes, which are considerable. The mobile version adds to the options of playing this classic game in slot form, and you will enjoy the variety of gaming symbols, special casino features, free spins and power symbols such as the Wils and the Scatter icons.

High Payouts & Great Symbols

The Mah Jong Madness slot game paytable starts out with the lowest winning denomination containing flowers, all of which seem to be stacked up. The flower combinations will payout between five to fifteen cents. The pay table will then move up in value to orchids, bamboo, as well as orbs symbols. The combinations are a little less common than the minimum paying flowers. These combinations may pay out between five and five dollars. Finally, the pay table will top out with the high jackpot, which is a rarely seen mythical dragon. Finding two of the dragon icons will be enough to win a payout, although the payout is rather minimal at just twenty cents; nevertheless, it’s still a payout! By contrast, if you line up five of the dragon icons, you will net twenty-five dollars.

Betting Choices

There are 9 pay lines available for wagering, and they all combine nicely with the various coin sizes to create the betting options. The different coin sizes that are available for wagering include, $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5, and the max coin value is a high $10 per coin. The max bet per spin rises to a rather high $210. As clearly detailed, the minimum payout is five, and the maximum bet limit is twenty-one-hundred. The original seven tiles are the only symbols included in the slot game. You can set all your wagers by using the game buttons which are under the reels, clearly visible for instant access at all times. There are the usual buttons like Spin/Start, Bet, and there is also a rather useful AutoPlay function whereby you can set a large number of auto spins which stop when you win, or manually press the Stop button. The controls make the betting process easy to customise and set all the bets accurately.

Mobile Mah Jong

The game has a great mobile version that is fully compatible with all the latest mobile devices and operating systems. The mobile game is well designed and intuitive to use and works wonderfully on most new tabs, and smartphones on the market today. The game can be played using the latest Flash-based, Instant Play, which permits you to click on the game and play straight away without any waiting time. You also have the option of downloading Mah Jong Madness slots to your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone so you can access the game quickly. The graphics are satisfying and come across well on smaller mobile device screens, and you are in for a great mobile experience whether using iOS, Windows, or Android devices.


One of the things that makes Mahjong such a great pleasure to play is the measure of skill that is involved in playing the game. Skill is something often lacking in many slot games, and it is something that takes a great deal of effort to reproduce well in slot game format. Five reels mean there are slightly diminished chances of earning high payouts which are a bit of a drawback. The three reels never seem to line up but at least offer the optical illusion that a potential jackpot can be won; nevertheless, five reels make the game a little too obvious. This slot machine is in the elegant design bracket and historically much loved and appreciated by players as the game is easy to play. The wagering is easy to control thanks to the intuitive control buttons, and the range of betting options is impressive. Once you factor in the winning chances and the beauty of such an ancient and traditional game dating back centuries, the pleasure of playing it intensifies. The mobile version of this game is just as impressive as the PC version and has been expertly optimised to provide you with an excellent mobile gaming experience. Whether you use a tablet or smartphone, the game will function seamlessly, and the graphics reproduced faithfully. The game has all the ingredients of a top-notch casino slot game. Trying it out, you will discover why.