Sumo Slots

The ancient Japanese sport of Sumo has captivated both foreign and domestic viewers imagination since inception many years ago. An old Japanese tradition is seeping with mystery, culture as well as strength and endurance, which are all qualities blend perfectly with that of an online casino player. Perseverance and persistence inevitably lead to success. Those who fail to take full advantage of the opportunity when it arises will miss the money boat and lose the treasure so to speak. The theme is brilliantly designed and entertaining, especially with the original symbols that appear on the reels. The wagering is fluid and easy to control, serving up multiple betting options to suit all kinds of players. The mobile version is beautifully structured streamlined and optimised to provide you with a nearly perfect mobile gaming experience. The slot has a host of great special features that will impress you, and they can also enrich your credit balance. The bonus rounds and the free spins throw up great chances to win a payout prize, and the overall experience is satisfying.

Themes & Symbols

As one might imagine, the world of Sumo wrestling is wrought with qualities such as strength and endurance, so it is only fitting that players need these qualities to prevail. It is to be expected that the game theme and symbols will be based entirely upon the sport of Sumo wrestling. So what to expect? Numbers and letters speckled with various Sumo wrestlers and a geisha symbol acts as the Wilds. The Trophy symbol is the Scatter, and in order to trigger the winning payout, one would need to get at least 2 scatter symbols on active paylines. It is also a bonus symbol, a flower amongst others. When it comes to quality of graphics, there is nothing to complain about as they make the grade, and then some. The sound could be improved but let's face it, the game is the critical factor, and the sound effects take second place. The music is indeed reminiscent of the hit 80's Karate Kid movie, and the game draws influence from it. The colourful game graphics are bright, vibrant and effective providing you with an excellent gaming experience whichever device you use to play this marvellous slot game.

Wagering Options

With a standard system format of 5 Reels and 25 pay lines, Sumo slots offers a wide range of wagers and even higher chances of winning. Coin values range from just $0.01 to $0.25, so there are indeed many combinations to choose from. They are suitable for high-rollers or low bettors. The coin sizes create a variety of betting, and you can set the bets using the designated game control buttons. The AutoPlay feature lets you place a good number of spins which stop when you win, or your credits are depleted. The other control buttons are pretty easy to use and all self-explanatory. The buttons essentially allow you to customise your play and regulate the bets accurately. It is straightforward to use so there won’t be any difficulties setting the exact wager you want.

High Jackpot

Fancy winning a cool $25,000, which is Jackpot amount? Well, this can be triggered by getting the maximum payout per pay line. So, getting 5 Sumo Wrestlers on active pay lines wins you the Jackpot. Despite not having any free-spins, Sumo offers instead a special picking bonus game that can be triggered. The Bonus game is activated by landing three or more Scatter Trophy symbols anywhere on the reels. Once enabled a screen appears, with a ring containing nine Trophies. Each of the Trophies will reveal an instant cash prize amount, so in effect, you have the chance to win nine times. Therefore the Sumo acts as the Wild, and the game also has autoplay which is a handy add-on. The Jackpot is calculated as follows: 5000 x is the maximum bet per pay line, equivalent to 5 cents times one coin, which is $5 per pay line, therefore 5000 times $5, which makes $25,000. Betting on all the pay lies is a requisite, and the higher the coin values you use, the better your chances of a top payout prize.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of Sumo slots is well structured and stylishly designed. It is fully compatible with all the latest operating systems and mobile devices. It is optimised for tablets and mobile phone providing you with an exceptional gaming experience whichever device you choose to use. You can opt to use Flash-based Instant Play mode, with no waiting. Alternatively, you can download the slot game to your desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The game works on iOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices. The mobile version of this game has excellent graphics and excellent gameplay which all players will thoroughly enjoy.


Sumo slots is a finely crafted slot game with an exceptional theme that is entertaining and atmospheric. The betting is easily controlled with the on-screen game buttons, and the mobile version adds that extra touch and a welcome option. The gaming symbols are all well designed and fit the immersive theme brilliantly creating an excellent slot machine experience with a wide variety of betting options. The special features add extra chances and opportunities, and the game is enjoyable to play, not to mention potentially lucrative. The exciting and immersive game theme combines an atmospheric experience that is perfect for wagering. The payouts come pretty frequently, and the whole experience is gratifying and pleasurable. Try out the power of Sumo slots and win Japanese style!