Cool Bananas Slots

Slot games are really no monkey business! The stakes are high, with the players betting until they finally hit the jackpot. Except sometimes, it is really about monkeys. Cool Bananas is a neat video slot that is based upon the mighty monkey. We'd like to think of him as King Kong, that is if he had come from Hawaii instead of the mysterious Skull Island. He is a chilled out character who appears alongside the other icons that land upon five reels. Players can expect multiple and generous bonus games, Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins included as well. There is an astounding $50,000 maximum jackpot, which is a prize the mighty monkey would approve.

Theme & Graphics

Cool Bananas slots feel random and does not seem to appear to be based on any particular theme at first glance. However, if players are looking for something innovative and original, you have come to the right place! The graphical universe of the slot game entirely relies on cartoonish looks. There is the view of a large metropolitan city in the background. A man is there, wearing sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt and wearing an earring. He is perched on top of a tall skyscraper, and holding a young blond woman in his large hand, and this could be a veiled reference to King Kong, mainly if you notice the aeroplanes flying all around him at the same time. The games serve up a really cool version of the classic story of the giant ape. Cool Bananas slots is a highly original game that offers tons of humour, and it has a pleasant look. Let’s move on to the gameplay.

Betting Options & Game Functions

Mighty Monkey's reputation has influenced the betting options on this slot because players are treated to a vast range. You're able to play from as little as a penny or dial up the bets up to a maximum of $250. Cool Bananas follows a rather classic pattern when it comes to the basic rules of the game, which should enable most players to get a smooth start on the reels. The game matrix features five reels with space for three icons at the end of the turn. Players will find 25 pay lines for betting purposes. Players' tasks consist of ensuring that winning symbol combinations line up on activated pay lines to be able to pocket the winning cash payout. Using the command bar below the reels, helps players to adjust the next wager, and the number of pay lines to bet on. Hitting the spin button validates the settings and gets the game started. Players can use the maximum bet button. They can go for the next spin and take extra risks, but the potential winnings will grow bigger. The last option is to activate the auto spin function, which enables the reels spin automatically, and the same bet will be wagered again.

Symbols & Payouts

The paytable of Cool Bananas slots is rather classically styled. Iy has two different symbols groups reflecting their design and values. The first group features the classic and traditional card icons. They start from the number 9 and rise to the Ace card value. Given how common these symbols are on the reels, they are bound to score a few winning combinations. The payouts rise to 150 times the wager if players get a 5-Ace lineup. The rest of the game icons consists of sunglasses, a pie, a cityscape, and a girl. These symbols may be rarer; however, they are also much more valuable. Players can win a massive prize equivalent to 1,000 times the wager if they manage to land a winning combination of five girl symbols on activated pay lines.

Special Symbols

Cool Bananas features another two special symbols, which you should look out for are the monkey symbol, which is also the Wildcard which can replace any other logo. Use it to score more wins upon the reels, or to try to line up several monkeys. That will win you more cash prizes of up to 5,000x the wager amount! The banana icon is a Scatter of the game, and it pays out if it lands in any position. On top of a small cash prize, players can also win free spins thanks to the Scatter symbol. Each banana appearing upon the screen will rewards of eight free games, up to a maximum of 40 free spins. All wins are doubled. Mighty monkeys bananas also unlock something special because three, four or five will trigger free spins. You'll be awarded 8, 16 or 24 free games accordingly and every prize gained will be tripled too.


Our Take on Cool Bananas We've played Mighty Monkey repeatedly over the years, and it never gets old. Yes, the graphics aren't as fresh as other slots, but we think that adds charm. Who could resist his cheeky grin anyway? Cool Bananas is a classic game that follows a standard and familiar pattern. The style and originality of the game are refreshing and a high point. The end result is quite entertaining, and there are some huge wins available as well. Go for it!