Fat Cat Slots

Why should Fat Cats be the only ones to have all the fun? They have all the money and get all the thrills. Why not become a Fat Cat for just one day. Get all the perks of the high life, by living life in the lap of luxury from your own home. Savour the sweet taste of success and let it touch your lips. It is addictive, and once tried cannot be forgotten! Let’s step into the shoes of the rich and famous, and try out Fat Cat Slots. The game has a humorous theme and some great game icons that provide tons of entertainment and fun. The standard 5-reel, 20 pay line game layout is surrounded by touch symbolism and signs of luxury in the background. The wagering system is smooth and varied, with a high limit of $100 per spin. Novices can benefit from the minor wagering values of a few cents, so everyone’s happy!

Cat Symbols & Fat Payouts

Fat Cat has a different and random collection of gaming symbols that appear upon the spinning reels. They are a funny old bunch and include a noble butler, a money Dollar sign, the Fat Cat herself, her friend the Kitty Cat, a money sack, and a riches symbol. They are joined by more down to earth icons such as the Nine and Ten, along with the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace high card value symbols. Fat Cat slots has wonderfully vibrant game graphics and sound effects, which means the gameplay is never dull or boring, but always exciting. Fat Cat presents players with great winning potential. The game has super-intuitive control buttons which are all self-explanatory. The AutoPlay function is a worthwhile addition as it provides convenience and comfort. Players can set a large number of automatic spins while they sit back and relax. Once a winning payout is configured, the reels will stop so players can enjoy the moment! By selecting this AutoPlay feature, players can set between 5 and 500 spins. Starting with a low coin denomination on just a few pay lines is a great way to start out. Slowly increasing the number of lines and the denomination, players can work their way up to more substantial bets. The more significant the stake, the better the chance of winning big!

Fat Cat Bonus Round

The most exciting stage of Fat Cat is undoubtedly the Bonus Round. So make sure to stick around and try it out! The bonus round is a really fun and entertaining stage of the game, with multiple chances to win, win and win again! It is activated when three, or more dollar sign symbols appear on the reels. The Bonus stage begins, and players will be given a safe with eight dollar signs on them. They will need to click on each dollar sign, to reveal the cash amount hidden in the safe. The total will be added to your winnings.

Catch the Cat Bet Fever

With 5 Reels and 20 Paylines on display, the game is well equipped to deal with any player type. More so with the variety of betting options starting from as low as $0.01 all the way up to $5 and betting can be on one to twenty reels so the options are varied and the betting is flexible. The multiple coin sizes are $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $5.00 is the highest coin value. The maximum bet the game provides is a high value of $100. The broad betting range will be of interest to all types of players including high rollers and novices.

Mobile Cat

Fat Cat has a superb mobile version which has been prepared and designed specifically for mobile gaming. It works excellently on tablets and smartphones, and compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows versions. It is possible to download the game to the player’s mobile device, or the home computer. The game can also be accessed using Flash-enabled Instant Play mode, which is instantaneous and players do not need to wait or download the game.


Fat Cat Slots is a beautifully crafted casino game. It is sure to appeal to a wide variety of players due to its flexible wagering and relatively high payout potential. The theme, graphics and sound effects are top quality, and the game flow is smooth, engaging and compelling. Most importantly, Fat Cat offers lots of chances to win with a variety of exciting features embedded in the game. The theme of the game is a nod towards the luxury lifestyle that we all dream about sometime or other. Here players can experience a life of luxury with Fat Cat slots. For a while, players will be able to live the good life by playing this game and possibly winning a life-changing payout! Enjoy the pampering, enjoy Fat Cat Slots.