Amazing 7's Slots

Amazing 7's Slots is a classic and traditional game that has influenced so many others of its kind. AIt is an excellent example of exceptional gaming, it has stood the test of time, encapsulates a retro slot theme, and incorporates a collection of unique, special casino features. Amazing 7's provides a payout of 5-reels, along with 25 pay lines there for wagering purposes. The reels are where all the action takes place. The game has an intuitive and highly instinctive interface and offers a rewarding and authentic casino experience. The game is fully adaptable to any budget, and the game does provide a fantastic experience centred around the magical lucky number seven. The other game symbols are staples and classics, breathing a retro atmosphere and immersive slot experience. Let's have a look at what more Amazing 7s has to offer, shall we?

Symbols & Setting

The gaming icons used in the game serves up a paradise of classic game symbols. They include cherries, bells, single, double and triple BARs, and lucky Sevens. All of the symbols are related to classic slot games, offering a distinct, retro atmosphere. The traditional symbols mix into a themed background, creating impressive gameplay surrounding the reels with flames! The reels are coated in classic bar icons, which blaze right out of the screen with HD visuals.

Amazing 7's Jackpot

The Amazing 7s jackpot is an impressive and intense affair full of feverish anticipation. Betting the max coin values on every pay line improves the probabilities of claiming the jackpot prize. It can worth an astonishing $500,000. Winning the considerable jackpot requires five Triple Seven symbols landing on all the reels. The maximum bet of $375 is what will trigger the highest payout. Nevertheless, wagering three coins with the smallest coin value will still trigger a jackpot payout. With the absence of any other special features, the jackpot takes on even more responsibility and importance. It is the best chance of winning a high payout.

Amazing Wagering 7s

Players have a wide choice of betting options. It takes place along the 25 pay lines. The various coins have different values commencing from a low 1 cent per coin. The coins increase in value to a high limit of $5.00 per coin, taking in several coin values in between. Up to three coins may be wagered and placed on every pay line, creating a high upper limit of $375! The top bet consists of three $5 coins on all 25 pay lines. Newcomers to slots can use the lower coin values, which only require a small bankroll. The game is controlled by using the intuitive game control buttons. They are conveniently located at the base of the screen on the taskbar, for quick and easy access. The wagering process is exceptionally straightforward; therefore, there is no need for an overload of complicated game buttons. The ones used are just enough for players to control the game with sufficient accuracy.


The jackpot is a prime objective to target, and achieving that means betting on all the 25 pay lines, seeing as it will trigger the feature. The game icons are an excellent collection of traditional symbols, which have been gracing slot machines for several decades. The atmospheric theme brings to mind land casinos full of whirring three armed bandits. Amazing 7's Slots offers players rich and vibrant graphics and sound effects which are immersive, compelling and also atmospheric. Players will be able to savour what it was really like playing a traditional slot game without intrusions or gimmicks. The payouts are frequent, the entertainment levels are constant, and the game wagering process will appeal to all players due to its variety of options. Although there are no special symbols, the game stands on its own two feet admirably without them. The overall pleasure is based on traditionally designed slot machines and their stripped down betting system. It allows players to adapt their bets easily, and after becoming accustomed to the game wagering minor amounts, they can slowly increase to higher limits and vary the bets. That provides the best chance of winning the top payout of half a million. Amazing 7s might just be your lucky 7s.