3X Wild Cherry Slots

X Wild Cherry has a traditional game layout that produces high-tension casino excitement and thrills. The game is loaded with classic symbols, and a popular slot retro feel, providing a welcome change from the usual 5-reel video slots that are dominating the market. This game is entirely different, as it draws on the best qualities of retro slot machines. It creates a majestic and worthy gaming experience, grounded in casino reality! The pull level is located right next to the on-screen pay table, giving the game a Vegas slot machine look. The game does incorporate several modern touches, and the wagering process is uncomplicated, uncluttered and straightforward to operate. 3X Wild Cherry Slots is a memorable and enjoyable casino game. It will stick in the player’s mind long after the gaming adventure has ended.

Jackpots Wild!

The game incorporates a high paying progressive jackpot feature. It boosts the gameplay action, fun and winning opportunities. The game offers a fixed jackpot of 1,500 coins besides the progressive one. It can be accessed only if players are betting all three coins. If players wager the maximum coin value, the cash value of the fixed jackpot with a one coin rises up to an impressive $20,000! Two coins will gain a jackpot payout of $40,000, and all three coins wagered wins the big one of €60,000!

Wagering Options

Despite the obvious limitations of just one pay line for wagering, the game nevertheless serves up a broad range of satisfying betting options. All the betting action takes place on the reels where the symbols land to configure wins. The coin sizes fuel the wagering. They are multiple and varied enough to be of interest to all kinds of players. 3X Wild Cherry has one pay line for wagering; however, the coin sizes are sufficiently varied to provide a wide range of betting options. The Various coin sizes take in $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00, up increasing to a maximum of $10.00 per coin. Up to three coins may be wagered on the pay line, thereby creating the highest bet limit of a respectable $30 per spin. The entire betting process can easily be controlled, and the bets modified to the extreme. They are located on the taskbar, and they are all quite intuitive and straightforward to understand and use. The AutoPlay feature is a great addition as it affords players with more freedom and comfort.

Symbols of the Game

The slot is full of retro symbolism and influence. There are single, double, and triple BAR icons. The ever-present lucky Seven symbol, joined by a classic Bell, a Cash symbol, and the power symbol, which is the 3x Wild icon. The excellent symbols incorporated into the game are a varied bunch and provide much entertainment value, besides heralding the winning payouts. The symbols all combine beautifully to create a magical, traditional and classic gaming experience.

The 3X Wild Cherry Symbol

The most important and valuable symbol of the game is by far the Wild 3X game icon. Whenever it pops up on the reels during play, it brings excellent winning opportunities by replacing standard symbols. It can configure winning payouts and line wins. Those wins are bolstered and boosted with the help of a 3x multiplier. Players lucky enough to have two Wilds turn up on the reels will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome; an increased multiplier of 9x the wager amount. There aren’t any other special game symbols apart from the Wild with its multiplier. Nevertheless, the gameplay is rich and satisfying enough without them. The game pays out reasonably frequently, and the payouts can be quite hefty, especially if the maximum bet of three coins on the pay line, at maximum coin value. The game has a better payout percentage than average, which means it provides excellent value.

Wild Mobile

The mobile version of 3X Wild Cherry provides a rocket ride of a mobile gaming experience. The slot game has been streamlined and modified to fit mobile devices and perform efficiently. Whether players use a tablet or smartphone, the intrinsic qualities of the game are recreated faithfully and precisely. The slot is fully compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, and their respective operating systems. The game may be downloaded to the mobile device or the PC. Another option open to players is Instant Play, which is modelled on Flash technology. The latter option offers players speed of access, along with convenience and comfort.


Wild Cherry Slots provides three times the action standard slots offer. The gaming experience is satisfying and enjoyable filled with chances to win a good value payout. The wagering system is superb and easy to control and customise. The range is broad and should appeal to every player. The rather high upper bet of $30 per spin isn’t too bad, and the penny wagering will be useful for beginners and newcomers to the game. The mobile version of the game gives players another option. All the significant advantages of mobile gaming are at players’ fingertips! The Wild multiplier feature offers players better payouts, and the jackpots are the icing on the already delicious cake! All I’m all, 3X Wild Cherry delivers a fantastic gaming experience loaded with winning chances for players. The game is really fun and entertaining and rewards players who stick around longer. Why not enjoy the magic of 3X Wild Cherry Slots. You may just experience the sheer pleasure of winning!