Wataa Slots

Wataa slot is a Far Eastern themed game, with Chinese mythology combined with martial arts and you have one hell of a powerful brew. Wataa is the distinctive scream a Kung Fu master makes when he swings a punch or a flying Kung Fu fighting kick. Wataa is the Kung Fu sound of pure, real power, and the game is played with 5-reels and 25 active pay lines. You have some powerful game weapons at your disposal, and a few bonuses to assist you with your noble quest for victory. Martial Arts is an art form, just like the slot Wataa. Let’s dive deep into the mysteries of Wataa slots and the magical kingdom of Martial Arts and Kung Fu, and the ultimate casino victory. The mobile version of Wataa slots serves up another viable alternative, and you can enjoy playing Wataa slot anywhere and at any time. The mobile game is fully compatible with all the major operating systems and mobile devices on the market, so you are assured an excellent gaming experience playing on your tablet or smartphone.

Symbols and Power Duo

A Man and his Cat take on a deadly army of Ninja fighters, with an impossible mission task, but Trevor and Charlie are both Kung Fu masters each with their own individual symbols on your reels. Besides, you will also find other ninja fighters, training manuals, a pair of nunchucks, cheeseburgers, and punch bag practice dummies. Other game symbols are represented by high-value playing cards, and you will see numbers nine and ten, the Jack, the Queen, King, and Ace card all standing in as gaming icons. They all fit in perfectly with the theme and add immense colour and a spot of dry humour as well. When they appear animatedly on the reels to signal a winning payout, they become more lively adding a dramatic touch.

Wataa Betting

The reels and the pay lines create many options for betting, and when you consider that the coin sizes are vast, then the possibilities increase further. Wagering starts from $0.01 a spin, rising to a far higher $250 per spin! That provides a vast variety of betting options, and will surely be of interest to all types of players, from high rollers to novices due to the significant variation of betting options. At the base of the screen, below the reels, there are the game buttons, which you can use to set your bets. You will find the Help button and Pay Table which is easily accessible, along with the useful and convenient AutoPlay feature. There are also Spin and Bet buttons, and the whole process is straightforward and easy to control thanks to the intuitive controls. The game controls allow you to accurately set all the bets and choose the various coin sizes without difficulty and are a pleasure to use.

Free Spins & Dynamic Bonuses

Trevor and Charlie are the Wild symbols, with the former appearing on reel 1, and the latter upon reel 2, and 4. They can both replace the other icons to create winning combinations for you. Furthermore, they can also double payout prizes gifting you a 2x multiplier of your triggering wager. If you manage to get 3, or even more of the Cheeseburger icons on your reels, you activate the free spins and receive 15 immediately. You are offered a choice between the Charlie or the Trevor bonus rounds, each with its own perks and benefits. The Trevor Bonus round gives you extra Wild icons added to the centre reel. Any wins including Trevor as a Wild icon increases that multiplier to a more solid 10x your trigger bet! On the other hand, the Charlie bonus round will award you one to three additional free spins, with each extra Charlie game icon that you get on your reels during the round. The free spins provide a great chance to win a huge payout as they seem to come more frequently during the free spins round. It is well worth the wait to access the bonuses included in Wataa slots, and they are great fun too!

Wataa Verdict

With the high payouts reaching up to $1,250,000, who can resist the allure of Wataa slot? The Kung Fu and martial arts theme is a glorious one and very entertaining and atmospheric too. With a backdrop full of fighting ninjas, cool gaming symbols with deep characteristics, Wantaa slot delivers a killer Kung Fu kick and punch, with high rollers able to dig their teeth into the slot game as the 25 pay lines, and multiple coin values mean there is a pretty incredible high wager limit. The payoff is the best possible with 5,000 coins worth up to $1,250,000! The mobile version of Wataa slot is a streamlined affair and has been optimised for modern tablets and mobile phones, which offers you a choice of devices, to use like iOS, Windows and Android versions working correctly. The slot game may be downloaded straight to your mobile device, or to your PC. Alternatively, you may use the latest Instant Play mode which is based on Flash technology, so you do not have to wait or to download the game, just click and play. Wataa slots is a genuine game with a very high limit and even higher payouts. Entering the world of Trevor and Charlie, our two Kung Fu heroes will be a rewarding and entertaining gaming experience which could also be lucrative. Discover the magic of Wataa slots.