Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblins are known to be greedy for gold. Their thirst for gold and riches runs through many stories and legends. To bring this idea to a slot game is an inspirational idea, and the theme works wonderfully. In this slot game, the Goblins go Wild, and X marks the slot! The slot layout is a traditional one, with 3-reels and three pay lines, with various coin sizes creating the spice and variety of betting options. Goblin's Gold Wild X has more to offer than most 3-reel slot games. There is a fantastic bonus round, a Wild Goblin and multipliers abounding without restraint! The game theme is influenced by board games and classic slots, creating an unmistakable casino gambling atmosphere. The bonus game adds great excitement and can reward players handsomely, but more about that later. The game has a mobile version along with the standard PC/laptop version, and the game can be downloaded or enjoyed in Instant Play mode. Let's see what the goblins have in store for us, shall we?

Payouts & Symbols

Goblin's Gold Wild X has some amusing game icons that turn up on the spinning reels during gameplay. There aren't that many symbols, which adds more chances of frequent payouts, as the images appear on the reels with more frequency. There are single, double, and triple Bar symbols, cherries, red and blue Sevens, a lantern symbol along with a Bags of Gold icon. There is even a Bonus symbol, which is a welcome addition as it leads to greater winning opportunities. If it lands on the inner reel, it triggers the exceptional Treasure Quest bonus round. There are several ways to win a payout playing this slot game, and various symbols create the winning combinations. For instance, one Cherry symbol will pay out 2 coins, and the Bar symbols will pay out between 10 to 60 coins, which depends upon the Bar combinations that you happen to land on your reels. The Seven symbols pay out even higher, starting from 10 coins, all the way to 160 coins. The payouts shoot up incredibly with a two or three coin bet. The highest paying symbol of the game is, of course, the Triple 3X Wild. Landing three Wilds will pay out 2,500 coins with a three coin bet. Betting only one coin will still gain a payout, albeit reduced to 1,000 coins. The Wild symbol has additional features attached to it. One Wild icon has a 3x multiplier and two Wilds landing on the reels has a 9x multiplier.

Goblin's Gold Wild X Betting Options

The wagering system and process are surprisingly agile and easy to use, creating a decent range of possible bets. Furthermore, the game offers a pretty straightforward and streamlined wagering experience which is easy to control. The game button located conveniently on the screen will guide players through the wagering, and they are intuitive to use. The 3-reels and three pay lines combine well with the coin sizes to serve up a virtual cocktail of betting options. Coin sizes start out at a modest $0.25 per coin. Other coin sizes are $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, and the highest coin value of $5.00; this creates a maximum betting limit of $15 per spin, which isn't that low. The minimum is just 25 cents, betting the minimum coin value on only one pay line. It is advisable to wager on all three pay lines, even if with the lowest coin value, as this attracts better probabilities of hefty payouts.

Beat the Goblins Bonus Game

The bonus round involves spinning a number wheel. On the left, you will find a board game. You will then have to move the number of spaces the spinner reveals. Progressing along the board, you will get multiple chances to win great payout prizes and tokens, or you can hit a pitfall whereby the whole bonus round ends. The symbols you receive will help you to move forward to the next round. Rewards increase progressively as you progress up through the levels till you reach the top where a fantastic payout bonanza prize of 5,000 coins awaits you.

Bar Nudging Special Feature

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots has another original game feature; the exceptional Bar Nudging Feature. The Bar symbols have distinctive arrows marked upon them, as they appear upon the reels, they nudge the other gaming symbols out of the way in order to create additional winning payouts prizes.

Mobile Goblins are Wild

The mobile version of the game has all the attributes of its PC partner and offers players another playing option. The mobile version has explicitly been streamlined and optimised for an exceptional gaming experience on the move. It is entirely compatible with most modern operating systems, and the qualities and graphics are beautifully displayed on a tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots can be downloaded, or played on Instant Play mode, with no waiting required.


Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots has all the great casino slots qualities. The layout is neat, functional and stylish, and the wagering range of adequate, despite the limited number of pay lines. The symbols mix into the theme creatively and comprehensively to create a lively and fast-paced slot game. The bonuses and Wild feature add even more action, and the mobile version takes players out and about, with the freedom to play at leisure. With beautifully detailed graphics, an entertaining backdrop and plenty of chances to win, Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots is a sure-fire winner, and everyone loves a winner!